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    VOLKWIN MÜLLER & ULI KRINGLER – Live im Kulturhaus

    VOLKWIN MÜLLER & ULI KRINGLER – Live im Kulturhaus

    VOLKWIN MÜLLER & ULI KRINGLER – Live im Kulturhaus / Fuego Records, Volkwino Music, 2024 / CD, Digital / pop rock, singer-songwriter / Germany

    Volkwin Mrüller is a German singer/songwriter, guitarist and author. He was exposed to various musical styles, most often pop, rock and jazz. He performs mainly in German clubs, and he was also seen by audiences from Switzerland and France. The covers for his albums are often made by Klaus Voormann – creator of the legendary and Grammy award-winning cover for the album “Revolver” by The Beatles in 1967. Volkwin performs and records solo albums, works in a duet (with guitarist and producer, Uli Kringler) or accompanied by the band Komplizen.

    Volkwin Müller lives in Detmold, Germany. He is characterized by his dynamic guitar playing and his moving songs with subtle lyrics. In the concert, he plays acoustic and electric guitar, foot drums and sings. Thanks to his intimate instrumentation and his special voice, the songs experience enormous intensity.

    Uli Kringler was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1961. He picked up the guitar at the age of six and played in his first band at the age of 11. From 1984 to 1989 he studied classical guitar with Peter John MacAven at the Hamburg Conservatory, graduating from the Hamburg University of Music in 1989. He attended jazz theory courses, the popular music course and the film music seminar at the University of Music in Hamburg. Until the mid-90s, Uli attended workshops or took individual lessons with Ed Harris, Ladi Geisler, Robben Ford, Ralph Towner, Peter Weihe and others. Since 2007, Uli Kringler has released four CDs with his own compositions on “Acoustic Music Records” and played more than 100 concerts with his trio, including at guitar festivals in Germany, France, Switzerland and Poland. Uli Kringler‘s discography includes more than 150 CDs of a wide variety of styles from pop to jazz.

    Since 2016, Volkwin Mrüller and Uli Kringler have been playing concerts together. Uli Kringler produced Volkwin‘s album “Auf dem Weg“, issued 2020. Album was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Prize.

    In 2024, Volkwin Müller can look back exactly 25 years since he played his first solo program in front of an audience after various years in a band and a break from the stage. This was followed by various solo programs and numerous concerts, three solo albums under his own name and a Lennon tribute album with new interpretations of Lennon songs, illustrious musical guests such as Purple Schulz, Julian, among others. Numerous concerts were played throughout Germany, Switzerland and also in France (including Paris). In 2016, the Hamburg guitarist and producer, Uli Kringler and Volkwin Müller met each other and began working on the songs from Volkwin‘s album “Mit anderen Augen“, which was released at the end of 2016 and again featured the world-famous graphic artist and two-time Grammy winner Klaus Voormann contributed the artwork.

    Volkwin Müller’s discography – Volkwin Müller & Co. – Signale (2005) ; Volkwin Müller & Co. – Live (2009) ; Volkwin Müller & Friends – Strawberry Songs (2012) ; Volkwin Müller – Die frühen Jahre, “Best of” (Comp, 2015) ; Volkwin Müller – Mit anderen Augen (2016) ; Volkwin Müller – Auf dem Weg (2020) ; Volkwin Müller & Uli Kringler – Live im Kulturhaus (Fuego Records, Volkwino Music, 2024)

    Uli Kringler’s (partially) discography – Uli Kringler, Arne Kopfermann, Florian Sitzmann – Instrumental Colours – Changes (CD, album, Misprint, Projektion J Music House, 1999) ; Martin Pepper featuring Uli Kringler – Flügelleicht (CD, MC, Peppersongs, Berlin, 2004) ; Uli Kringler, Jonas Schoen & Samuel Jersak – God Of Wonders (13 Praise & Worship-Hits Instrumental) (CD, album, Gerth Medien, 2005) ; Der Unendliche Wind – Instrumental Worship (CD, album, Gerth Medien, 2006) ; One World In A Guitar (CD, album, Wonderland Records, 2006) ; Martin Pepper, Uli Kringler – Saitenwechsel (CD, album, Gerth Medien, 2006) ; Jochen Brückner feat. Uli Kringler – Twins (CD, album, Tom Tom Records, 2007) ; Cafe Cinema – Songs For An Imaginary Movie (CD, album, Wonderland Records, 2008) ; Werner Hucks / Uli Kringler / Peter Schneider (10) / Frieder Jost – Gitarren-Träume Zu Weihnachten (CD, album, Gerth Medien, 2008)
    Uli Kringler‘s full discography is available HERE.

    Album “Live im Kulturhaus” recorded by – Volkwin Müller (vocal, acoustic guitar) ; Uli Kringler (acoustic guitar)

    Volkwin Mrüller and Uli Kringler have been playing at the 14th Blomberg Song Festival together, where a recording of the concert was made completely spontaneously. “Since we had no idea that the soundman would be recording, we played very relaxed and confident and let ourselves fall into the songs. We liked the resulting intensity and depth so much when we listened to it that we decided to release the concert on an album“, said Volkwin. The live album contains some songs from Volkwin‘s three solo albums and a new version of the Springsteen classic “I’m on fire“. You can feel Uli Kringler and Volkwin Müller‘s great joy in playing their guitars. Uli‘s versatile talent on the guitar, his improvised moments and his tasteful use of song-specific playing make the album a really nice snapshot. Volkwin‘s voice is very warm and he is a great guitarist. His songs form the foundation for a special musical atmosphere. In some moments the two sound almost like a guitar orchestra that carries the audience along, only to play a deeply touching, very intimate song in the next moment. Volkwin sings his poetic songs with a wonderful voice and subtle emotions in the sound. You feel that there is someone who cares about the harmony between heart and guitar. On this special concert evening, two people found each other who give each other space to listen to each other and give the song exactly the accompaniment it needs to shine.

    My friendship with Volkwin Müller goes back many years. It all started with our e-mail contact, which resulted in his willingness to make his discography releases available to me. He was generous in that. He neither hesitated, nor was he stingy. My attitude is – whoever of the musicians makes one step, I will make three of them. When it comes to Volkwin‘s steps, in order to “match” him, I would have to do dozens of them.

    The two of us share a similar musical expression and it is not surprising that I presented his music with great pleasure to the listeners of my music-informative radio shows of the series Jeans Generation or Winged Wheels (Krilati kotači).

    Following the events related to the album “Live im Kulturhaus“, I realized how important role of Uli Kringler was is in the musical opus of Volkwin Mrüller. Is there anything more beautiful when two musicians with similar  musical preferences meet each other and move forward with united forces. Both of them benefit, as do all those who listen to them.

    Each concert is created to present the artists who are in front of their audience in the best possible way. Nothing is left to chance here. Each of the performed songs has a reason why it was included in the playlist. In the same way, every concert has a beginning, middle and end, and these parts of the concert have a certain dynamic, which has the task of keeping the attention of all listeners at its peak for the entire duration of the concert. Volkwin and Uli, as big artists of their craft, completed this task without the slightest remark.

    I envisioned my website, www.BARIKADA.com, as a music newsletter that would address the audience of all the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Here and there, I make an exception, I introduce a name that undeniably deserves it. Volkwin Müller has always wide open door to my web site with each of his new discography releases, because even without listening to one of his new CDs, I can be sure that his content is superb. Such is the case with the album “Live im Kulturhaus“. Naturally, I listened to it with great pleasure of mine. Album has my recommendations without any hesitation.

    Volkwin Müller & Uli Kringler – “Live im Kulturhaus” – 1. Irgendwas ist hier geschehen ; 2. Tanz mit mir ; 3. Beharrlichkeit ; 4. Ein Lied für die Sonne ; 5. Jeder ; 6. Weil du wertvoll bist ; 7. Der Traum ; 8. Für dich ; 9. Straßensong ; 10. I’m On Fire

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    Photo – Dirk Schelpmeier

    https://www.facebook.com/volkwin.muller / https://www.volkwin-mueller.de / https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005793888137 / https://ulikringler.de /

    YT – Volkwin Müller & Uli Kringler – Für Dich (Live auf dem Blomberger Songfestival, 2016)

    YT – Volkwin Müller & Uli Kringler – Der Traum (Album “Signale”)