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    ANDRES ROOTS – Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs)

    ANDRES ROOTS – Tartu Lockdown  (The House Arrest EPs)

    ANDRES ROOTS – Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs) / Roots Art Records, 2020 / album, digital / blues, delta blues / Estonia

    Andres Roots is blues musician from Tartu, Estonia. He is listed in the book “100 Years of Estonian Music” as the country’s “internationally best-known player of pure blues“. Andres Roots is a slide guitarist who has performed everywhere – from Clarksdale, Mississippi to Hell, Norway. In 2016, his “Roots MusicLP topped the official Estonian album chart – the first and only time a blues album has claimed the #1 spot in the Baltics.

    During the corona pandemia, Andres recorded three EPs and all three, called, “House Arrest (The House Arrest EPs)” were remastered and compiled into an album, with liner notes by Norman Darwen: “One positive of the whole Covid-19 pandemic is the music on this CD… Like some of the best blues, these are responses to a specific situation that also transcend it. This is totally enjoyable, thoughtful and thought-provoking music, however and whenever you’re listening to it.

    All tunes were written & performed by Andres Roots. Recorded at home with no overdubs. Mastered by Asko-Romé Altsoo at White Room in Tartu, Estonia. Cover design made by Siret Roots.

    Discography – Andres Roots & Red Mouth – Right Across the Hill ; Andres Roots – Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs) ; Andres Roots – Mississippi to Loch Lomond ; Andres Roots – Breakfast in September ; Sawmill Roots Orchestra – Mono ; Andres Roots – Winter ; Andres Roots – Trad.alt.blues ; Andres Roots – Three! ; Andres Roots – Leigh’s Spider Jam ; Andres Roots – Roundabout ; Andres Roots – Waiting Around ; Andres Roots – Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs) – (House Arrest EP ; House Arrest 2 EP ; House Arrest 3) (Roots Music, 2020) 

    All songs on “Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs)” album were played by Andres Roots, by himself.

    Real art knows no barriers. Even in the conditions of the pandemic we are witnessing these days, artists are finding ways and forces to express themselves in an artistic way. One of these is the Estonian blueser, Andres Roots. His name and his fame have long since crossed the borders of his homeland – Estonia.

    In the conditions of a lockdown situation, Andres prepared three EP releases at intervals of one month, and then completed them as a single album release, “Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs)”. The blues knows no boundaries and Andres Roots is keeping the flame of it alive in Estonia.

    Even in conditions when he is alone with his guitars, Andres plays sensitively and attractively. The sincerity of his messages expressed through the music without exception is easily recognizable. All these messages are understandable to us because Andres has an impeccable playing technique, and the sound of his guitars is almost close to human speech. Those words (tones) of his that reach us catch up with each other. Andres‘ music has mixed feelings, but they are always based on the field of blues, on his best traditions, which are best marked by simple words – sadness and feelings.

    I am proud that I can share his music with this excellent artist, that he told us everything he had to say, it is not even close to the truth. I will be there to continue to follow him.

    Andres Roots – “Tartu Lockdown (The House Arrest EPs)” – (EP – The House Arrest, March 2020) – 1. Lindberg Boogie ; 2. Fretless Wonder ; 3. Soup City Blues #3 ; 4. Black River Blues ; (EP – The House Arrest 2, April 2020) – 5. Hello Neighbour #1 ; 6. Minor Gripes ; 7. Springtime Blues ; 8. For Future Reference ; 9. Hello Neighbour #2 ; (EP – The House Arrest, May 2020) – 10. One String Racket ; 11. Lockdown Special ; 12. Woof Woof ; 13. Extra Noodles

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    Photo by – Leif Laaksonen

    https://andresroots.bandcamp.com/album/tartu-lockdown / https://www.facebook.com/andres.roots / http://www.andresroots.com /

    YT – Andres Roots – Fretless Wonder

    YT – Andres Roots – Minor Gripes

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