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    GEORGE AVRAMIDIS – Short presentation of jazz musician from Greece

    GEORGE AVRAMIDIS – Short presentation of jazz musician from Greece

    GEORGE AVRAMIDIS – Short presentation of jazz musician from Greece

    George Avramidis BiographyGeorge Avramidis was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) and grew up in the city of Giannitsa (Greece). In 1998 he joined (became a member) the National orchestra of Northern TV organisation whilst cooperating in the National opera orchestra and the Municipal orchestra of Thessaloniki. In 2004 he collaborated in Yiannis Aggelaka‘s “Episkeptes” album and later he also collaborated with Dimitris Baslam in his musical “Fairy Tails” which were narrated by Antonis Kafetzopoulos. From 2010 onwards, George Avramidis remains a member of “EKMEK” musical group. Furthermore, he has recorded in hundreds of discography works until 2013 when his first personal album under the title “Protocol” was released followed, by a second album “Voyager” in 2016. Both of which were recognised and appraised on various international radio stations such as BBC Radio. From 2015 and until this very day, George Avramidis remains a member of “100°C“, Yiannis Aggelaka‘s band.

    DiscographyProtocol (Not On Label, 2013) ; Voyager (Not On Label, 2016) ; Invented Memories (Stereo Mind Music, to be released soon)

    Protocol / Not On Label, 2013 / CD, dig / acid jazz / Greece

    This is the first solo album of trumpet player George Avramidis. A blend of new jazz sounds, influenced at times by trumpet player Erik Truffaz and his quartet, and at the same time by more african oriented artists like Richard Bona. The brass behavior travels from a late 60’s soul contour, to the uniqueness of Charles Mingus brass lines. Seven compositions, born and raised inside the trumpet player’s body and brain. A close encounter between the artist and his sound, a relationship willing to lose all privacy and be shared at all times. It is a one way path anyway; once you blow, breathe, clap your hands or hit a foot on the ground, the sound doesn’t belong to you anymore…” Music by – George Avramidis

    MusiciansGeorge Avramidis (Trumpet, Glockenspiel, Vocals, 6) ; Stefanos Lazarinos (Saxophone, Electric Rhodes Piano, Kalimba) ; Traianos Papadopoulos (French Horn) ; Moody Alien (Glockenspiel, 2) ; Chris Sarkatzis (Guitar) ; Alkis Kanidis (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar) ; Hermann Newman (Percussion, Effect Pedals, Keyboards, Synthesizer) ; Kostas Sifakis (Bass) ; Pavlos Pavlidis (Drums) ; Eddie Spaapen (Percussion) – featuringJenny Eden (Vocals, 7) ; George Koftis (vocals, 4,5) ; Evlampia Tsireli (Vocals, 2,6)

    George Avramidis – “Protocol” – 1. Shadow Man ; 2. Beyond The Clouds (vocals – Evlampia Tsireli) ; 3. Flying Cyclist ; 4. Protocol (vocals – George Koftis) ; 5. Battle Rhyme (vocals – George Koftis) ; 6. Rain Song (vocals – Evlampia Tsireli, George Avramidis) ; 7. Shadow Man (Pinata Vandals, Remix)

    Voyager / Not On Label, 2016 / CD, dig / acid jazz / Greece

    MusiciansGeorge Avramidis (Trumpet) ; Michalis Karanikos (Trombone) ; James Wylie (Alto Saxophone) ; Nikos Diminakis (Baritone Saxophone) ; Tasos Korkovelos (Keyboards) ; Alex Papoulidis (Guitar) ; Traianos Albanoudis (Bass) ; Pavlos Pavlidis (Drums) ; Eddie Spaapen (Percussion) – featuringAlexandra Sieti (Vocals, 4) ; Michalis Karanikos (Trombone, 3,7) ; Nikos Diminakis (Bariton Saxophone, 3,7)

    George Avramidis – “Voyager” – 1. Intro ; 2. Shoulders For Pillows ; 3. The Corruptor ; 4. Fire Into Stone (feat. Alexandra Sieti) ; 5. Voyager ; 6. Just another angel in the crowd ; 7. Shiver in the dark

    George Avramidis – “Invented Memories” (Stereo Mind Music) – …

    This album will be selections from his previous two discs, “Protocol” and “Voyager” plus new material from the upcoming album due to be released soon.

    Current George Avramidis‘ third (forthcoming) album named “Invented Memories” – means that the good story goes on… Without any doubt, his music is going to be presented in forthcoming (Autumn 2018) radio show – Krilati kotači (Winged Wheels).


    http://georgeavramidis.weebly.com/about.html / https://www.facebook.com/george.avramidis.986

    Info compiled by: Dragutin Matošević (Tuzla, BiH)

    YT – George Avramidis – Voyager – Album ‘Voyager’

    YT – George Avramidis – The Corruptor – Album ‘Voyager’