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    ANA PATAN – Spice, Gold and Tales Untold

    ANA PATAN – Spice, Gold and Tales Untold

    ANA PATAN – Spice, Gold and Tales Untold / Self-released, 2022 / dig / rock, jazz / Romania, Germany

    Ana Patan is a Berlin-based singer / songwriter / guitarist with a sophisticated jazz/rock style. Her material is characterized by a sultry vocal delivery, along with intelligent and witty lyrics that highlight her broadminded attitude to life. Ana Patan is born in Romania. During her childhood Ana started writing songs for the neighborhood kids on a borrowed guitar, with chords half stolen from her older brother. In her late teens, as she continued with her school into the Economics university and moved to Bucharest, things started to take off in her music and, with the winning of a notable national festival-contest, she ended up in the media’s attention and performing on some of the country’s largest stages, surrounded by many of her music idols.

    Following a lifetime dream of exploring the rest of the world, Ana went on to break the patterns of her personal and musical growth by crossing the national borders and getting acquainted for the next seven years with the art of guitar playing, jazz theory, composition and sound engineering, at several academies in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. She studied guitar with Mike Stern and Regi “The Teacha” Wooten, among others. Finally, Ana Patan issued her first album – currently only digitally available, but with intention to be as CD and Long Play issue, as son as possible.

    DiscographySpice, Gold and Tales Untold (Self-released, 2022)

    CreditsAna Patan (vocals and guitars) ; Jonas Hellborg (Bass) ; Devin Townsend (bass, 3) ; Jonathan Herrera (bass , 5,8,9) ; Zoltan Csörsz (drums) – all songs by Ana Patan

    Ana Patan explained – “This is the album I’ve always wanted to make! No compromise, and a mind of its own… it grew beyond what I would have dared to imagine! The making of it took about a decade from start to finish, it meant a long process of evolving as a human being in order to be able to express these things musically. Out of about one hundred, twenty songs were recorded, in a few versions each, the good old analog way, on 2 inch tape, not without the inherent hardships. Ten pieces convinced their way onto the record in the end, boiled down from 13 large tape reels, of a total weight of about 100 kg (~220 lbs). Performed as in a live setting, with very simple instrumentation – just drums, bass, guitar and vocals – and almost no effects, compression or EQ, they’re meant to sound as natural, raw and dynamic as if the three of us would be performing right in front of you, in the same room. We don’t even follow a metronome, letting everything breathe in a natural pulse. No tricks, nothing there to impress, but the song itself. And some pretty good drumming and bass playing! You’re listening to San Francisco multi talent Jonathan Herrera, Zoltan Csörsz of Flower Kings fame, Jamal Evans on percussion… None less than Jonas Hellborg put down most of the bass tracks, plus invaluable knowledge, advice and assistance on the old-school way to make a record! And, yes, Devin Townsend himself found his way to the studio and kept contributing personal wisdom on how to “just put the whole thing out there and move on!“.

    Ana Patan is an artist I have been following for more than a decade. I know for her constant presence on the European music scene. The fact that she was working in a new environment (Germany) in relation to her roots (Romania) demanded of her many times greater efforts to “impose” herself among “local” musicians. Without any doubt, with her persistent work and great talent, Ana Patan succeeded. Her success is manifested in her continuous musical activity, in her belief in what she does, in numerous collaborations with respected musicians – colleagues, and the album “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” is a clear confirmation of her success.

    From the statement of Ana Patan herself, given on the occasion of the release of this discography, that its content – the songs – were created during ten years period. I have witnessed such editions in quite a few cases. The long period of their development often resulted in inconsistency. The songs were full of diversity, which did not contribute to the complete picture of the said album. As far as I remember, Ana Patan avoided that “trap“. Her songs are thematic, style and quality uniform. In those ten years, it wouldn’t even have been noticed if she hadn’t strengthened them herself.

    For now, this edition exists only in digital form (as I already mentioned it). Ana Patan is trying to release it in other forms as well – as CD and LP. Knowing her persistence, I am confident that this will happen, if not by the end of 2022, then at the beginning of 2023. In any case, there are live performances where she will be welcomed by her loyal audience who selflessly appreciates Ana Patan‘s work. I, personally, will continue to follow the musical events related to her name, and you, who are reading this, will also be informed with these news. It will, I believe, continue to be only good news.

    Ana Patan – “Spice, Gold and Tales Untold” – 1. Undeciphered ; 2. General Conspiracy ; 3. Trivialize Love ; 4. The Human ; 5. Pure and Plain ; 6. Soarele Meu ; 7. 21st Century Citizen ; 8. Hot Hot ; 9. How Could We Live Before ; 10. Colors on Hormones

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    https://www.facebook.com/ana.patan.3 / http://anapatan.com/wordpress / https://anapatan.bandcamp.com /

    YT – Ana Patan – 21st Century Citizen

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