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    ŽIGA KORITNIK – Brötzmann, in my focus (Žiga Koritnik’s photo book)

    ŽIGA KORITNIK – Brötzmann, in my focus (Žiga Koritnik’s photo book)

    ŽIGA KORITNIK – Brötzmann, in my focus (Žiga Koritnik‘s photo book)

    Žiga Koritnik‘s photo book – “Brötzmann, in my focus” – 152 pages // 99 photographies in black and white with one colour exception // taken at 13 festivals and locations in Europe and U.S.A. // design of the book: Nina Šturm 

    Things have changed, I don’t know which cameras Žiga is using nowadays but one thing stayed the same over the decades from Stieglitz to now: EYE-LENS-OBJECT-LIGHT and that’s what it is about – you have to SEE it, that’s the master-job and Žiga is made for it.” – Peter Brötzmann

    For those unfamiliar with Peter Brötzmann, but would still like to get to know him, there are nowadays only two ways: his records and the upcoming photo book of Žiga Koritnik, “Peter Brötzmann in my Focus“. – David Braun

    Music is something that profoundly defines Žiga Koritnik‘s work. His photography expresses a deep passion for the performers while being aware of and showing respect to the entire musical scene. Starting in 1986, he has followed music for more than 30 years. Koritnik had more than 66 solo and 40 group photo exhibitions all over the world, worked for several music festivals and taken more than 190 portraits of musicians. He is creating immortal images with both analogue and digital photography equally. That technique allows him to bring the music world closer and beyond the music genres and to tell the story of music to everyone.

    The upcoming photo book “Brötzmann, in my focus” is going to start crowdfunding on May 23rd 2024 and will present the best moments caught at the concerts and many portraits taken in the period from 1994 to 2019. The book is dedicated to the pioneer of European free-jazzPeter Brötzmann.

    We invite you to visit the Kickstarter page. There you can read some more about the book (description, promotional films, forthcoming exhibition dedicated to Peter Brötzmann in Warsaw, etc.), you can see the rewards for supporters, and you can also choose to support it. Visit Ziga‘s website for even more informations.

    The book includes texts by Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen – Love, Heather Leigh, John Corbett and Mats Gustafsson. Joe McPhee and Steve Dalachinsky contributed one poem each to the book.

    Click the link – Žiga Koritnik (Slovenija) Photographer (Prikaz: Dragutin Matošević)

    https://www.facebook.com/zigakoritnik / https://zigakoritnikphotography.com / https://zigakoritnikphotography.com/new-upcoming-photo-book / https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotzmanninmyprofile/brotzmann-in-my-focus-music-photography-by-ziga-koritnik /

    YT – Peter Brötzmann Quartet – Jazzfest Berlin’95

    YT – Peter Brötzmann Quartet – improvisation (1974/10/17) (1/3)