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    BRIAN LINDSAY BAND – Revival / Self-released, 2022 / CD, Dig / rock / United States of America

    Brian Lindsay is roots rocker and Rochester (NY, USA) hardcore troubadour. Lindsay’s first record, “The Crossing” (2005) featured the single “Eastside of the River” that charted for eleven straight weeks. It was added to over 45 Triple-A format radio stations nationally and was played and critiqued globally. His second album release, “Esperanza” (2009) built on that success and was added to more than 60 Triple-A format stations. The song “King of the Mountain” held the #1 spot at commercial stations for two straight weeks. The 3rd record, “The Monkey, The Tango and the Boogaloo” (2014) was added to over 50 Triple-A radio stations across the US, featuring the first focus track, “Heart and Soul“. Lindsay’s latest album, “Revival” (2022), features some of his strongest writing to date. As its title indicates, “Revival” is an album of hope and redemption.

    Lindsay was interested in writing songs from the moment he first began playing. “I was lucky to have a musical background in my family,Brian explains. His mother was a singer, and his father wrote for the theatre. His early favorites were The Beatles and Monkees (ironically, another group of musicians initially frustrated in their desire to write their own music). His first music lessons were on the drums but, by high school, he was singing and playing rhythm guitar. He tried to convince his first band they should write their own songs. “I thought that would be the way to go,” explains the singer/guitarist of his reasoning for how he shied away from bar-pleasing cover songs to more challenging originals. “That was the most fun. The most interesting…. They didn’t want to put the work in, which was frustrating [for me]. I am a huge fan of the local music scene. Not any particular local scene, but local scenes as a concept; the local scene that can be found in Whichever city you call home, for example, reader. If you look, I guarantee you can find talented and interesting musicians all around you. I consistently discover great guitarists, vocalists, performers, all across the musical spectrum in Rochester, NY“.

    The Brian Lindsay Band has shared the stage with The Smithereens, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Shooter Jennings, Donna the Buffalo, Poppa Chubby, The Outlaws and The Little River Band – to name a few. Brian Lindsay recently promised to his fans – “We will definitely be out playing in 2023, at least locally,” says Brian. “We’re also planning to branch out toward The Finger Lakes and maybe Buffalo and Syracuse too. In addition to that, I’m always working towards new songs. I’ve got a few ideas and am just hoping inspiration hits soon to get me started. I’m always looking for something new.

    DiscographyThe Crossing (2005) ; Esperanza (2009) ; The Monkey, The Tango and the Boogaloo (2014) ; Revival (2022)

    Brian Lindsay Band consists of – Brian Lindsay (lead vocal, harmony vocals, guitars, percussion) ; Scott Zani (guitars, lap steel guitar) ; Lloyd Gala (guitars) ; Ken Romano (bass, 2,4,6-19) ; John Kelley (bass, 1,3,5 – acoustic guitar, 1,3,5,7 – electric guitar, 1,5 – harmony vocals, 3) ; Greg Andrews (drums) – special guestsRoy Stein (drums, percussion, 1) ; April Laragy Stein (piano, organ, accordion, 1) ; Johnny Cummings (harmony vocals, 1) ; Alan Murphy (piano, organ, 2) ; Mike Gladstone (guitar, 3) ; Cinnamon Jones (vocals, harmony vocals, 3,5) ; Andy Calabrese (piano, organ, 3) ; Ed Jurasinsky (drums, 3) ; Billy Goodness (drums, 5) ; Ted Lincoln (piano, 6) ; Bruce Diamond (fiddle, mandolin, 8) ; Alan Whitney (guitars, harmony vocals, 9) ; Paul Vincent Nunes (organ, 10) ; Doug Zogby (harmony vocals, 10)

    Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is about 7,200 km from the city of Rochester (NY, USA). The fact that Brian and I are able to meet and communicate is amazing with such a long distance. Furthermore, there are millions of musicians in the world, good musicians and worthy of everyone’s attention. It takes a lot of luck and chance to meet. Everything listed here did not prevent my virtual meeting with Brian. The crucial fact for us to establish cooperation, in 2005, was the music that Brian delivered to me. The album “The Crossing” was in question. As I was hosting and editing the music-informative radio show of the Jeans generation series, Brian was presented with several songs. To my listeners, Brian spoke with a message – “I make songs with the goal of being beautiful now and 10 years from now.31 – Jeans generacija – 04.01.2005 . After that, the two of us went our separate ways.

    Jan 09, 2023, Brian wished me a happy birthday. It brought back fond memories of our collaboration 17 years ago. I offered to review his current album, “Revival“. Brian responded – “Thank you for the offer. I’ve made 3 more records after ‘The Crossing’. Not sure why I didn’t get them to you. The latest, ‘Revival’ was released last summer. I can send info and songs from that to you if you like? If so, please send me your e-mail address. If you would rather have the CD, please send your mailing address. Thank you kindly!, Brian“. My choice was the CD and finally, it arrived.

    The music from the “Revival” album that reached me is exactly what I love about music. Songs with beautiful vocals, rich harmonies, rhythm that causes easy body reactions, instrumentalists of great skill and impeccable playing techniques. I don’t have the habit, nor the intention, to dissect the music of an album – song by song. I look at each album as a couplet – songs, ideas and messages. In this case, Brian excelled in all segments of his work. Each of the 10 songs presented here has the potential to be a hit. Bigger or smaller, but a hit. Brian maintained his old idea – the songs he makes and performs now should be liked by those who will listen to them in ten or more years. I wouldn’t want anyone, without hearing his music and just based on these words of mine, to think that Brian started using “cheap tricks” in making his songs. No – not at all.

    It is a great honor for me that Brian reached out to me and that we are communicating again. I and my writing are a “little chance” for Brian. Again – I say to everyone – whoever misses a small chance will also miss a big one. I appreciate Brian‘s professionalism and know that his future career can only go up. If this review represents only one “step” in his ascension – I will be very happy and proud.

    Brian Lindsay Band – “Revival” – 1. Revival ; 2. Love Lives Here ; 3. River of Faith and Healing ; 4. Gaslight Loung ; 5. Better Angels ; 6. Wear and Tear ; 7. American Night ; 8. Land that Time Forgot ; 9. Beautiful Scars ; 10. Reckoning Day

    Photo – Screenshot 

    https://brianlindsay.net / https://www.facebook.com/blindsaymusic /

    YT – Brian Lindsay Band – River of Faith and Healing

    YT – Brian Lindsay Band – American Night