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    CONTUSIO – Death metal band – Tuzla, B&H (Presentation)

    CONTUSIO – Death metal band – Tuzla, B&H (Presentation)

    CONTUSIO – Death metal band – Tuzla, B&H (Presentation)

    Contusio is a death metal band formed in Tuzla in 2007. after the split-up of hardcore/metal band Sacrifice, which had been contributing in the local scene for two years. Two members of Sacrifice provided the basis for a new band, with a slightly different tone. Kole (vocal) and Rule (drums) decided to continue under the name Contusio, changing their music style to old-school death/thrash metal. Kole at that point took up bass duties as well. After the arrival of Nedim on guitar, the band begins work on developing its new style and new songs. They have made a few recordings during rehearsals, which served as demo material “Slay By The End” in 2007. After that Contusio did several gigs and festivals, which were received with high praise.

    The band’s appeal and success in the underground scene came primarily from intense, entertaining live shows. With Ivan (guitar since ’09) and Sead (drums since ’12) joining, the band started forming its current sound of pure death metal with obvious leaning to old school guidelines. Contusio has shared stages with such bands as Bombarder, Kuga, Necrophilisma, Agonize, Hobson’s Choice, Sihirator, Aggressor, etc. In October of 2011. Contusio released their EP called “Trauma of Detonation” (which had physical copies), and EP “False Emotions” (which is digitally available on YouTube) since 2014. Band still exists (active).

    Influences – Death, Society, Violence, Evil, Mystery, Psychology, Cruel Truths

    Releases – Slay By The End (demo / rehearsal, 2007) ; Trauma of Detonation (EP, 2011) ; False Emotions (EP, 2014)

    Contusio consists of – Damir Kole Dizdarević (bass, vocals) ; Ivan Nikić (rythm guitar) ; Nedim PudravaTZ Šehić (solo guitar) ; Sead Roko Hadžić (drums)

    Photo: Filipa Čanić

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/Contusio / https://myspace.com/contusiobend/music/songs

    YT – Contusio – Last Memories (Live at Kaleidoskop, 2017)

    YT – Contusio – False Emotions (Full EP)