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    Susan SurfTone – 3 CDs presentation

    Susan SurfTone – 3 CDs presentation

    Susan SurfTone – 3 CDs presentation / Acme Brothers Records, 2016, 2017, 2018 / CD, dig / surf rock, rockabilly / United States of America

    The band started out in the fall of 1993 in Rochester, NY as The SurfTones. A DIY cassette recording found its way to Gerd Dietrich in Hamburg, Germany. Gerd signed the band to his label, Gee-Dee Music, in 1995 and changed the band’s name to Susan & The SurfTones. Our first CD, ‘Without A Word’ was released in November 1995. In April of 1996 Dave Anderson (bass) Judd Williams (drums) and I made a trip to Hamburg to play at Grosse Freiheit 36 with The Looney Tunes and The Space Hobos…” More info you can find – HERE.

    Bend, Susan SurfTone is led by Susan L. Yasinski – “The first sign of trouble appeared when I was about seven. I played ‘guitar’ on a tennis racquet to Elvis songs and flipped my collar up just like the King. A few years later Ed Sullivan booked The Beatles and I found my one true love… a piece of wood with six strings. I started taking lessons with a great teacher who introduced me to The Ventures and there was no turning back now. There was one problem, however; in 1966 the boys wouldn’t let a girl play guitar in their garage bands… at least not in Hudson, NY where I grew up. Off to Smith College I went with guitar in hand but still no band. After graduation from Boston University School of Law my first job transferred me to New York City. After years of musical frustration I started my first band which had a vocalist. There was a second NYC band with vocals and then I moved to Rochester, NY. There were two more bands with vocalists and then I got it right…

    Regular listeners of 4-years long broadcasted The Jeans Generation (radio show) did have a few opportunities to listen to the music of Susan & The SurfTone. We did learn that she is playing mix of surf, rockabilly (one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music) and rock music. The main point is – she was always great regardless which song / style she played.

    One decade passed and I wanted to check is she still active on music scene. Luckily, Susan was there, still active and hard working, still with attractive music, still telling us musical retro-stories of the time when the music was the best – in fifties and sixties. Besides playing various covers, Susan performs her own music as well. Susan plays instrumental and vocal music. This sentence, told by Susan, explains her music the best possible way – “One lesson I learned from The Beatles was to not repeat myself.

    Although I met Susan mainly as surf music player, she extended her interests to the other music genres (rock, rockabilly, blues…). Susan proved that musicians have to go further, to change, to explore new ways, to achieve many new skills. Susan passed all that way. I hardly wait to present her music in Krilati kotači (Winged Wheels) radio show which should start on Autmn 2018. Currently, at my disposal, I have these releases:

    Susan SurfTone – The Magician

    © Copyright – Acme Brothers Records / Release Date: 2016 / Retro yet modern rock and roll, instrumentals and vocals from the premier female surf guitarist. / Genre: Rock: Rockabilly

    The Magician is my first collection of instrumental and vocal music. Three instrumentals and three with vocals. Three originals and three covers. The covers give a nod of appreciation to two of my biggest influences, Elvis Presley and Link Wray. The originals tap into the rock and roll music I’ve loved all my life.

    MusiciansSusan SurfTone (guitars, bass, vocals, sticks on 6) ; Steve Kravac (drums)

    Susan SurfTone – “The Magician” – 1. Little Bit Lied To ; 2. Rumble ; 3. Trying to Get to You ; 4. Sunburn ; 5. ShadowLand ; 6. Blue Moon of Kentucky

    CD available at CD Baby link – (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/susansurftone10)

    Susan SurfTone – Making Waves Again

    © Copyright – Acme Brothers Records / Release Date: 2017 / Retro yet modern, rooted in 1960’s Garage, Surf, Rockabilly, Classic Rock and Blues / Genre: Rock: Retro-Rock

    Four vocals and two instrumentals this time from all over the place yet somehow cohesive. Surf, blues, Elvis, Everly Brothers, 1960’s power pop and garage, classic rock and a slight bit of ska.

    MusiciansSusan SurfTone (guitars, bass, vocals) ; Brian Foxworth (drums) ; Steve Kravac (drums on 5) ; Mia Moravis (backing vocals on 6)

    Susan SurfTone – “Making Waves Again” – 1. Bottom of My Glass ; 2. Temptation ; 3. Mint471 ; 4. A Mess of Blues ; 5. Blue Guitar ; 6. Up Down and All Around ; 7. Up Down and All Around (alternative version)

    CD available at CD Baby link – (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/susansurftone13)

    Susan SurfTone – 2nd to One

    © Copyright – Acme Brothers Records / Release Date: 2018 / Susan SurfTone covers Elvis Presley, enough said. / Genre: Rock: Rockabilly

    MusiciansSusan SurfTone (guitars, bass, vocals, sticks on 1 & 6) ; Brian Foxworth (drums) ; Steve Kravac (drums on 2) ; Darlene Koldenhoven (piano)

    Susan SurfTone – “2nd To One” – 1. Blue Moon of Kentucky ; 2. Trying to Get to You ; 3. One-Sided Love Affair ; 4. Mystery Train ; 5. Heartbreak Hotel ; 6. A Mess of Blues ; 7. Reconsider Baby

    CD available at CD Baby link – (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/susansurftone14)

    Related link – SUSAN & THE SURFTONES – Biography

    https://www.facebook.com/susan.surftone / http://www.susansurftone.com /


    YT – Susan SurfTone – Out Of My Dreams

    YT – Susan SurfTone – Little Bit Lied To (From album, The Magician)

    Info compiled by:
    Dragutin Matošević
    Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina