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    SHASHATY – Brighter Day

    SHASHATY – Brighter Day

    SHASHATY – Brighter Day / A.H.I. Records, 2015 / CD, digital / contemporary instrumental, smooth jazz / U.S.A.

    Inspired by years of on-stage experience with the brightest of stars including Carlos Santana, The Mavericks, Kirk Whalum and Dave Koz. ShaShaty’s own 5-piece band opened for legends the likes of The Bee Gees, Peter Cetera, Gloria Estefan and George Benson! ShaShaty explodes on to the scene with this exciting, fresh sound that is truly original! His debut on A.H.I. Records, “Brighter Day” is a soul-drenched, smash hit with high energy, sweet and pure saxophone performances with soaring melodies and genre-blending curves. The first single, “Dream Ride” is like a top-down, moonlit drive, while “Let’s Go!” and the title track are upbeat, mood enhancer’s with cool vocal accents and “Late On 91” will soulfully set your spirit free! It’s clear to see why ShaShaty has so many fans around the world… and tons more on the way! His current location is Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    DiscographyShaShaty (1993) ; Voices In My Head (2008) ;  From Me to You (2008) ; Come Together (2011) ; It’s My Pleasure (2013) ; Brighter Day (2015)

    Team that produced this album involved – ShaShaty (tenor, alto and soprano sax, piano programming, synth programming) ; Steve Oliver (guitar, guitar synth, bass, percussion, vocals, composed several of the songs, producer) ; Will Donato (sax) ;  Bonny B (drums) ; Gary Stanionis (percussion) ; Usay Kawlu (vocals).

    A few days ago, someone posted on Facebook YouTube link to song – ShaShatyIs not No Sunshine (When She’s Gone)” – Bill Wither`s classic. I listened to this song, otherwise I rarely follow these links, and I did not regret it. The humble sound of saxophone + the music that grabbed my attention, gave me the reason to learn more about the performer of that song. His artistic name is ShaShaty (Joe Shashaty), he is from the L.A. Zone, California, USA. Already in the first contact, he was very kind, and agreed to send me for review his current release – album “Brighter Day“. Here it goes.

    What immediately attracted me to the music played by ShaShaty is the same sensitivity of his music to my understanding of smooth jazz I felt hearing his saxophone. Smooth jazz is, many said so, the bridge between commercial music and classic jazz. The bridge that Shashaty builds with his music has solid foundations, wide avenues and great perspective. His music captures all the audience’s attention. The music of ShaShaty is melodious, gentle and sensual.

    Although it is not difficult to conclude that ShaShaty is a top instrumentalist, he was fortunate to be surrounded by a team of great music professionals. I would particularly point out the great role played by Steve Oliver. I’m free to say – who works with a musician such a great potential as Oliver has, he can not “miss“. Of course, ShaShaty has “channeled” it properly and has given all-encompassing content – the music which is to be listened with great attention.

    Radio stations adore this type of music. This music is excellent for relaxing moments, moments of rest, and can initiate you to dance with loved and dear ones. It is known for a long time – music is a ring of joy. ShaShaty proves this with every single tune of his music. The sound of his saxophone underneath your skin, you can not imitate him and allow his sound to dominate and with your soul and steady body.

    ShaShaty – “Brighter Day” – 1. Dream Ride ; 2. Let’s Go ; 3. Song of Hope ; 4. Late on 91 ; 5. My Heart Yours ; 6. Mumba ; 7. A Million Miles ; 8. August ; 9. I’m Always Near ; 10. Brighter Days ; 11. Float Away

    Cover Photo – Rick Mendoza

    https://www.shashatymusic.com / https://www.facebook.com/shashatymusic / https://www.facebook.com/ahirecords

    YouTube – ShaShaty – Brighter Days

    YouTube – ShaShaty – Dream Ride

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